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Rates for Professional Services (Effective January, 2013)

Open Source Work (US $70/hour)

  • Development/modification of reusable open source software and documentation, including any modifications to VirtualGL, TurboVNC, libjpeg-turbo, and TigerVNC that are checked back into the project repositories
  • Non-company-specific support (support for an open source project that is conducted through public channels, such as mailing lists or SourceForge or GitHub, and which generates information that can be reused by the open source community.)

NOTE: When sponsoring an open source project, you are basically trading lack of market advantage for greatly reduced development costs. Other companies/organizations can theoretically leverage the modifications you pay for, but you only have to pay for the development of the features/fixes you need, not for the development of a whole product. If your organization desires a time-to-market advantage for a specific feature, then this can be accomplished through "off-project development" (see below.) This page has a more thorough explanation of the open source sponsorship model and how it differs from the proprietary development model.

Proprietary Work (US $85/hour)

  • Development of company-specific code (either proprietary or non-reusable open source)
    • "Non-reusable open source" describes modifications to an open source project that cannot generally be leveraged by anyone outside of your company. (Re-usable open source code can be developed at reduced rates in part because it generates its own leads. It is often the case that one company will pay to develop a new feature, and another company will later pay to enhance it.)
  • "Off-Project Development": In order to secure a time-to-market advantage from a new feature, your company can pay for a new feature to be developed in a private repository and for it, and any builds made from it, to be treated as confidential for a specified length of time. After that, the code will be merged into the public project.
  • Company-specific consulting and support, including writing/responding to e-mails and participating in conference calls specific to your company's business (in other words, consulting and support that does not produce any information that can be reused outside of your company.)
  • On-site work (U.S. and Canada only)
    • Any work completed away from the home office is billed at the proprietary rate, as is travel time to/from your site.
    • All travel expenses, including airfare, lodging, rental car (or other reasonable transportation), and meals (or a reasonable per diem), must be paid by your company.

Priority and Overtime Work (Base Rate * 1.5)

  • "Priority" means that everything else will be dropped, and full attention will be given to your issue until it is resolved.
  • "Overtime" is defined as any hours beyond 8 hours/day on weekdays or any hours on weekends that are necessary to complete a non-priority project in a timeframe specified by your company.

Priority and overtime work requires written agreement by both parties and is subject to availability.

Volume Discounts

Organizations who retain 200 hours or more of services (which can include the equivalent of 200+ hours of general sponsorship, 200+ hours of project-specific work, or a combination of both) receive a $10/hour discount on both the open source and proprietary base rates. This discount applies both to the hours retained and to any other work performed within 1 year of the initial retainer. The discount is not retroactive-- the work must be guaranteed in advance.

Creative Commons LicenseAll content on this web site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. Any works containing material derived from this web site must cite The VirtualGL Project as the source of the material and list the current URL for the TurboVNC web site.

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