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Checkout Instructions

To check out the latest development version (not necessarily stable):

git clone

To check out a specific release:

git clone -b {release}

where {release} is, for instance, 1.0.

To check out a stable branch:

git clone -b {branch_tag}

Current branch tags:

1.0.x - stable branch for 1.0 beta1 (0.6.90) through 1.0.x
1.1.x - stable branch for 1.1 beta1 (1.0.90) through 1.1.x
1.2.x - stable branch for 1.2 through 1.2.x
2.0.x - stable branch for 2.0 through 2.0.x
master - stable branch for 2.1.x and later (contains only beta-quality or release-quality code)
dev - evolving branch for 2.2.x and later (may contain alpha-quality code)

NOTE: As of TurboVNC 2.1 beta1 (the first feature release since migrating to GitHub), we have moved away from the old trunk-based development (TBD) branch model and are now maintaining master as an always-stable, production-ready branch. Next-gen (alpha) development has moved to a new branch called dev.

Going forward, stable branches for a particular release will be created only as needed, and master will always be beta-ready.

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Page last modified on August 18, 2017, at 03:13 PM